adjective anal·o·gous \ə-ˈna-lə-gəs\

: similar in some way

Full Definition of ANALOGOUS

:  showing an analogy or a likeness that permits one to draw an analogy
:  being or related to as an analogue
anal·o·gous·ly adverb
anal·o·gous·ness noun

Examples of ANALOGOUS

  1. I could not think of an analogous situation.
  2. <bad-mouthing your sister is analogous to slapping her in the face—it's just as bad>
  3. … gluons, force particles analogous to the photons of electromagnetism. —Andrew Watson, Science, 22 Jan. 1999


Latin analogus, from Greek analogos, literally, proportionate, from ana- + logos reason, ratio, from legein to gather, speak — more at legend
First Known Use: 1646

Synonym Discussion of ANALOGOUS

similar, analogous, parallel mean closely resembling each other. similar implies the possibility of being mistaken for each other <all the houses in the development are similar>. analogous applies to things belonging in essentially different categories but nevertheless having many similarities <analogous political systems>. parallel suggests a marked likeness in the development of two things <the parallel careers of two movie stars>.
ANALOGOUSNESS Defined for Kids


adjective anal·o·gous \ə-ˈna-lə-gəs\

Definition of ANALOGOUS for Kids

:  showing analogy :  similar
Medical Dictionary


adjective anal·o·gous \ə-ˈnal-ə-gəs\

Medical Definition of ANALOGOUS

:  having similar function but a different structure and origin <analogous organs>


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