adjective \am-ˈbi-shəs\

: having ambition : having a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous

: not easily done or achieved : requiring or showing ambition

Full Definition of AMBITIOUS

a :  having or controlled by ambition <an ambitious young executive>
b :  having a desire to achieve a particular goal :  aspiring <ambitious for power>
:  resulting from, characterized by, or showing ambition <an ambitious film>
am·bi·tious·ly adverb
am·bi·tious·ness noun

Examples of AMBITIOUS

  1. The company was created by two very ambitious young men in the early 1900s.
  2. This 500-page book is her most ambitious effort yet.
  3. Your plans for the future are very ambitious.
  4. It was too ambitious a task for just one person.

First Known Use of AMBITIOUS

14th century


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