noun \ˌa-mə-ˈnī-tə, -ˈnē-\

Definition of AMANITA

:  any of a genus (Amanita) of white-spored basidiomycetous fungi that typically have a volva and an annulus about the stipe and include some deadly poisonous forms

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Origin of AMANITA

New Latin, genus name, from Greek amanitai, plural, a kind of fungus
First Known Use: 1899


noun \ˌam-ə-ˈnīt-ə, -ˈnēt-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of AMANITA

capitalized : a genus of widely distributed white-spored basidiomycetous fungi (family Amanitaceae) that includes some deadly poisonous forms (as the death cap)
: a fungus of the genus Amanita

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)—Larry C. Moon/Tom Stack & Associates

Any mushroom of the genus Amanita, containing about 500 species, some of which are poisonous to humans. Among the deadliest of all mushrooms are the large, white destroying angels (A. bispongera, A. ocreata, A. verna, and A. virosa), which are found in forests during wet periods in summer and autumn. The green or brown death cap (A. phalloides), also deadly, is found in woods in summer or early autumn. The poisonous fly agaric (A. muscaria), found in pastures and fields in summer, was once used as a fly poison. Common edible species include A. caesarea, A. rubescens, and A. vaginata.


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