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noun al·li·ance \ə-ˈlī-ən(t)s\

: a union between people, groups, countries, etc. : a relationship in which people agree to work together

: the state of being joined in some activity or effort : the state of being allied

: a group of people, countries, etc., that are joined together in some activity or effort

Full Definition of ALLIANCE

a :  the state of being allied :  the action of allying
b :  a bond or connection between families, states, parties, or individuals <a closer alliance between government and industry>
:  an association to further the common interests of the members; specifically :  a confederation of nations by treaty
:  union by relationship in qualities :  affinity
:  a treaty of alliance

Examples of ALLIANCE

  1. We need to form a closer alliance between government and industry.
  2. strengthen the alliance of western nations
  3. There has been a pattern of shifting alliances in the political world.
  4. The article condemns what some say is an unholy alliance between government and media.
  5. one nation working in alliance with another
  6. There is disagreement within the alliance about how to deal with this problem.

First Known Use of ALLIANCE

14th century

Rhymes with ALLIANCE


geographical name Al·li·ance \ə-ˈlī-ən(t)s\

Definition of ALLIANCE

city NE Ohio NE of Canton pop 22,322
ALLIANCE Defined for Kids


noun al·li·ance \ə-ˈlī-əns\

Definition of ALLIANCE for Kids

:  a relationship in which people, groups, or countries agree to work together <The oil company and the environmental group formed an unusual alliance.>
:  an association of people, groups, or nations working together for a specific purpose <the Alliance for Arts Education>


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