verb \ə-ˈlej\

: to state without definite proof that someone has done something wrong or illegal


Full Definition of ALLEGE

transitive verb
archaic :  to adduce or bring forward as a source or authority
:  to assert without proof or before proving <the newspaper alleges the mayor's guilt>
:  to bring forward as a reason or excuse

Examples of ALLEGE

  1. He alleged that the mayor has accepted bribes.
  2. The mayor is alleged to have accepted bribes.
  3. You allege that she stole a large quantity of money. Do you have any proof?

Origin of ALLEGE

Middle English alleggen to submit in evidence or as justification, adduce, from Anglo-French aleger, allegger, probably in part modification of Medieval Latin allegare, from Latin, to send as a representative, adduce in support of a plea (from ad- + legare to depute), in part from Anglo-French aleger to lighten, free, exculpate, from Late Latin alleviare to relieve — more at legate, alleviate
First Known Use: 14th century


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