adverb \ə-ˈlīk\

: in the same way

Full Definition of ALIKE

:  in the same manner, form, or degree :  equally <was denounced by teachers and students alike>

Examples of ALIKE

  1. <regulations that are disapproved of by teachers and students alike>

First Known Use of ALIKE

14th century



: similar in appearance, nature, or form

Full Definition of ALIKE

:  exhibiting close resemblance without being identical <alike in their beliefs>
alike·ness noun

Examples of ALIKE

  1. The two cars are much alike.
  2. <all the houses in the neighborhood are alike in that they all have a one-car garage and a fenced-in backyard>

Origin of ALIKE

Middle English ilik, ilich (from Old English gelīc) & alik, alteration of Old English onlīc, from on + līc body — more at like
First Known Use: 15th century


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