noun \-ˌbrəsh\

: a device that is used to spray a liquid (such as paint) onto a surface

Full Definition of AIRBRUSH

:  an atomizer for applying by compressed air a fine spray (as of paint or liquid color)

First Known Use of AIRBRUSH




: to paint or treat (something, such as a photograph) with an airbrush especially to make improvements

Full Definition of AIRBRUSH

transitive verb
:  to paint, treat, or alter (as to conceal imperfections) with or as if with an airbrush <airbrush a photograph>

Examples of AIRBRUSH

  1. That photograph must have been airbrushed.

First Known Use of AIRBRUSH



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Pneumatic device for developing a fine, small-diameter spray of paint, protective coating, or liquid colour (see aerosol). The airbrush can be a pencil-shaped atomizer used for various highly detailed activities such as shading drawings and retouching photographs; in contrast, a spray gun is usually used for covering large surfaces with paint.


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