noun, often attributive \ˈa-gət\

: a very hard stone used especially in jewelry that has colors arranged in stripes or in patches

Full Definition of AGATE

:  a fine-grained variegated chalcedony having its colors arranged in stripes, blended in clouds, or showing mosslike forms
:  something made of or fitted with agate: as
a :  a drawplate used by gold-wire drawers
b :  a playing marble of agate
a :  a size of type approximately 512 point
b :  condensed information (as advertisements or box scores) set especially in agate type

Origin of AGATE

Middle French, from Latin achates, from Greek achatēs
First Known Use: 1570

Other Mineralogy Terms

host, inclusion, matrix, streak

Rhymes with AGATE


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Banded agate—B.M. Shaub

Common, semiprecious silica mineral, a variety of chalcedony that occurs in bands of varying colour and transparency. Varieties are characterized by peculiarities in the shape and colour of the bands, which are seen in sections cut at right angles to the layers. Agate is found throughout the world, commonly in cavities in eruptive rocks and in geodes. Brazil and Uruguay are major producers of agates; they are also found in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and other western U.S. states. Agate is essentially quartz. Much commercial agate is artificially dyed to make the naturally dull-gray stones more colourful.


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