Adriatic Sea

Adri·at·ic Sea

geographical name \ˌā-drē-ˈa-tik, ˌa-\

Definition of ADRIATIC SEA

arm of the Mediterranean between Italy & Balkan Peninsula

Adriatic Sea

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Arm of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. It is about 500 mi (800 km) long, with an average width of 110 mi (175 km), a maximum depth of 4,035 ft (1,324 m), and an area of 50,590 sq mi (131,050 sq km). The Italian coast is relatively straight and continuous, having no islands, but the Balkan coast is full of islands, generally running parallel to the shore. The Strait of Otranto at its southeasterly limit links it with the Ionian Sea.


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