verb \ə-ˈdr\

: to love or admire (someone) very much

: to like or desire (something) very much : to take great pleasure in (something)


Full Definition of ADORE

transitive verb
:  to worship or honor as a deity or as divine
:  to regard with loving admiration and devotion <adored his wife>
:  to be very fond of <adores pecan pie>
ador·er noun
ador·ing·ly adverb

Examples of ADORE

  1. He's a good doctor. All his patients adore him.
  2. They adored shopping in all the boutiques.

Origin of ADORE

Middle English adouren, from Anglo-French aurer, adourer, from Latin adorare, from ad- + orare to speak, pray — more at oration
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of ADORE

revere, reverence, venerate, worship, adore mean to honor and admire profoundly and respectfully. revere stresses deference and tenderness of feeling <a professor revered by her students>. reverence presupposes an intrinsic merit and inviolability in the one honored and a similar depth of feeling in the one honoring <reverenced the academy's code of honor>. venerate implies a holding as holy or sacrosanct because of character, association, or age <heroes still venerated>. worship implies homage usually expressed in words or ceremony <worships their memory>. adore implies love and stresses the notion of an individual and personal attachment <we adored our doctor>.
ADORER Defined for Kids


verb \ə-ˈdr\

Definition of ADORE for Kids

:  2worship 1
:  to be very fond of


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