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noun ad·junct \ˈa-ˌjəŋ(k)t\

Simple Definition of adjunct

  • : something that is joined or added to another thing but is not an essential part of it

  • grammar : a word or phrase (such as an adverb or prepositional phrase) that provides added information about the meaning of a verb in a sentence by expressing a relation of time, place, manner, etc.

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of adjunct

  1. 1 :  something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it

  2. 2 a :  a word or word group that qualifies or completes the meaning of another word or other words and is not itself a main structural element in its sentence b :  an adverb or adverbial phrase (as heartily in “They ate heartily” or at noon in “We left at noon”) attached to the verb of a clause especially to express a relation of time, place, frequency, degree, or manner — compare disjunct 2

  3. 3 a :  an associate or assistant of another b :  an adjunct faculty member at a college or university (see 2adjunct)

  4. 4 :  adjuvant b

adjunctive play \a-ˈjəŋ(k)-tiv, ə-\ adjective

Examples of adjunct in a sentence

  1. Because Joseph Ellis has been an outspoken critic of social and women's history, he appears a peculiar choice to write the foreword, despite his many publications on the Revolutionary era. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, he treats Abigail here more as her husband's adjunct and supporter than as her own woman. —Anthony Lewis, New York Times Book Review, 4 Nov. 2007

  2. In A.D. 400 western Europe was merely a geographic expression. Roman civilization was centered on the Mediterranean, and France, England, and the Rhine valley were mere adjuncts of the Mediterranean world. —Norman F. Cantor, The Civilization of the Middle Ages, 1993

  3. As an adjunct to its basic educational role, the public library will increasingly serve as an access point to the resources of other libraries as well as to nonlibrary sources of publicly available information. —Fred Lerner, The Story of Libraries, (1945) 1998

  4. Massage therapy can be used as an adjunct along with the medication.

  5. In They ate heartily, the word heartily is an adjunct and in We left at noon, the phrase at noon is an adjunct.

Origin of adjunct

Latin adjunctum, from neuter of adjunctus, past participle of adjungere

First Known Use: 1588



adjective ad·junct \ˈa-ˌjəŋ(k)t\

Simple Definition of adjunct

  • : added or joined in order to be used with something

  • : added to a teaching staff for only a short time or in a lower position than other staff

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of adjunct

  1. 1 :  added or joined as an accompanying object or circumstance

  2. 2 :  attached in a subordinate or temporary capacity to a staff <an adjunct professor>

adjunctly play \ˈa-ˌjəŋ(k)-tlē, -ˌjəŋk-lē\ adverb

Examples of adjunct in a sentence

  1. But it's Sainte-Marie's less-well-known life as a computer geek—and an adjunct professor of digital art, Native American studies, and philosophy at several universities—that brings her to midtown Manhattan today. —Ophira Edut, Ms., August/September 1999

  2. There is a terrible shortage of jobs in the universities, where, increasingly, men and women with Ph.D.s hang on to various forms of underpaid adjunct posts. Believe me, it happens at Harvard, too. —Martin Peretz, New Republic, 5 July 1999

  3. Using his chauffeur-driven car as an adjunct office, the designer shuttles among the design ateliers of his three major collections: the one that bears his name; Chanel, and, after a seven-year hiatus, Chloé. —Carrie Donovan, New York Times Magazine, 11 Oct. 1992

  4. massage therapy as an adjunct treatment

Origin of adjunct

(see 1adjunct)

First Known Use: 1594

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