geographical name \ˈä-dən, ˈā-\

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former British protectorate S Arabia comprising the entire S coast of what is now Yemen; became part of People's Democratic Republic of Yemen 1967 area 112,000 square miles (291,200 square kilometers)
former British colony SW Arabia comprising Perim Island, the city of Aden, & the surrounding area; became part of People's Democratic Republic of Yemen 1967 area 75 square miles (195 square kilometers)
city & port S Yemen; formerly of People's Democratic Republic of Yemen & before that of Aden colony & protectorate pop 240,370

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Seaport city (pop., 2004 prelim.: 580,000), southern Yemen, on the Gulf of Aden. It was a principal terminus of the spice road of western Arabia for about 1,000 years before the 3rd century AD. It then became a trading centre under Yemeni, Ethiopian, and Arab control. The Ottoman Empire captured the city in 1538, and the British (who established a garrison there around 1800) governed it from India (1839–1937). It grew in importance as a coaling station and transshipment point after the opening of the Suez Canal. It was made a crown colony in 1937, incorporated in the Federation of South Arabia (1963–67), and served as the capital of South Yemen until that republic's merger with North Yemen in 1990.


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