verb \ə-ˈdikt\

Definition of ADDICT

transitive verb
:  to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively <addicted to gambling>
:  to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal)

Origin of ADDICT

Latin addictus, past participle of addicere to favor, from ad- + dicere to say — more at diction
First Known Use: 1534

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden


noun \ˈa-(ˌ)dikt\

: a person who is not able to stop taking drugs : a person who is addicted to drugs

: a person who likes or enjoys something very much and spends a large amount of time doing it, watching it, etc.

Full Definition of ADDICT

:  one who is addicted especially to a substance
:  devotee <a detective novel addict>

Examples of ADDICT

  1. <an inspiring story about addicts who seek help and manage to kick their habit>
  2. <science-fiction addicts who eagerly await each new installment in the series>

First Known Use of ADDICT


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Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden


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