adjective \ˈa-kyə-rət, ˈa-k(ə-)rət\

: free from mistakes or errors

: able to produce results that are correct : not making mistakes

Full Definition of ACCURATE

:  free from error especially as the result of care <an accurate diagnosis>
:  conforming exactly to truth or to a standard :  exact <providing accurate color>
:  able to give an accurate result <an accurate gauge>
ac·cu·rate·ly \ˈa-kyə-rət-lē, ˈa-k(ə-)rət-, ˈa-k(y)ərt-\ adverb
ac·cu·rate·ness \-kyə-rət-nəs, -k(ə-)rət-nəs\ noun

Examples of ACCURATE

  1. The model is accurate down to the tiniest details.
  2. Her novel is historically accurate.
  3. The machines were not yet accurate enough to give useful results.

Origin of ACCURATE

Latin accuratus, from past participle of accurare to take care of, from ad- + cura care
First Known Use: 1596


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