noun \ə-ˈblü-shən, a-\

: the act of washing yourself

Full Definition of ABLUTION

a :  the washing of one's body or part of it (as in a religious rite)
b plural :  the act or action of bathing
plural British :  a building housing bathing and toilet facilities on a military base
ab·lu·tion·ary \-shə-ˌner-ē, -ˌne-rē\ adjective

Origin of ABLUTION

Middle English, from Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin ablution-, ablutio, from Latin abluere to wash away, from ab- + lavere to wash — more at lye
First Known Use: 1533

Other Religion (Eastern and Other) Terms

Zen, antinomian, avatar, gnosticism, illuminati, ineffable, karma, koan, mantra


noun \ə-ˈblü-shən, a-ˈblü-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ABLUTION

: the washing of one's body or part of it
ab·lu·tion·ary \-shə-ˌner-ē\ adjective


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