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noun Uni·ate \ˈyü-nē-ˌat, ˈü-\

Definition of Uniate

  1. :  a Christian of a church adhering to an Eastern rite and discipline but submitting to papal authority



Variants of uniate



play \ˈyü-nē-ˌat, ˈü-\

Origin and Etymology of uniate

Ukrainian uniat, uniyat one in favor of the union of the Greek and Roman Catholic churches, from uniya union, from Polish unija, from Late Latin unio — more at union

First Known Use: 1833

Rhymes with uniate

acrobat, aerobat, aerostat, alley cat, apparat, Ararat, arrive at, assignat, autocrat, Automat, bell the cat, big brown bat, bureaucrat, butterfat, caveat, cervelat, chew the fat, civet cat, concordat, coolie hat, copycat, cowboy hat, democrat, diplomat, Dixiecrat, Eurocrat, fungo bat, habitat, hang one's hat, jungle cat, Kattegat, kleptocrat, Laundromat, leopard cat, marrowfat, mobocrat, monocrat, Montserrat, Norway rat, ochlocrat, off the bat, opera hat, pas de quatre, Persian cat, photostat, pit-a-pat, plutocrat, poke fun at, pussycat, railroad flat, rat-a-tat, rheostat, scaredy-cat, semimatte, shovel hat, smell a rat, spoonbill cat, take aim at, technocrat, theocrat, thermostat, tiger cat, vampire bat, water rat, welcome mat, where it's at, ziggurat

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