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geographical name Tri·este \trē-ˈest, -ˈes-tē, -ˈes-tā\

Definition of Trieste

  1. city & port NE Italy ∗ of Friuli-Venezia Giulia on Gulf of Trieste (inlet at head of the Adriatic NW of the Istrian Peninsula) pop 215,096; once belonged to Austria; part of Italy 1919–47; in 1947 made with surrounding territory the Free Territory of Trieste under administration of the United Nations; city with N part of Free Territory returned to Italy 1953, S part of territory having previously been absorbed into Yugoslavia


play \trē-ˈes-tən, -ˌtēn\ adjective

Variants of trieste

or Slovene and Croatian


play \ˈtərst\

Rhymes with trieste

abreast, abscessed, appressed, armrest, arrest, at best, at rest, attest, backrest, beau geste, bed rest, behest, bequest, blood test, congest, conquest, contest, crow's nest, depressed, detest, devest, digest, distressed, divest, egest, eighth rest, field-test, flight-test, footrest, gabfest, half rest, hard-pressed, headrest, high-test, hillcrest, hope chest, houseguest, imprest, incest, infest, ingest, inquest, interest, invest, Key West, lovefest, love nest, Mae West, mare's nest, Midwest, molest, northwest, patch test, posttest, pretest, professed, protest, redbreast, repressed, request, revest, road test, scratch test, screen test, sea chest, skin test, slop chest, slugfest, southwest, spot test, steam chest, stress test, suggest, t-test, unblessed, undressed, unrest, unstressed, war chest, whole rest, Wild West

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