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geographical name To·go·land \ˈtō-(ˌ)gō-ˌland\

Definition of Togoland

  1. region W Africa on Gulf of Guinea between Benin & Ghana; until 1919 a German protectorate, then divided into two trust territories: British Togoland (in W; since 1957 part of Ghana) & French Togo (in E; since 1958 Togo)


play \ˈtō-(ˌ)gō-ˌlan-dər\ noun

Rhymes with togoland

ampersand, baby grand, bear a hand, beforehand, behindhand, bellyband, belly-land, borderland, bottomland, cap in hand, concert grand, confirmand, contraband, countermand, Damavand, Dixieland, ductless gland, eldest hand, fairyland, fatherland, force one's hand, forestland, four-in-hand, garage band, gastric gland, Gelderland, graduand, hand in hand, hand-to-hand, hand to hand, helping hand, high command, hinterland, Holy Land, Krugerrand, lotusland, meadowland, minute hand, motherland, Nagaland, narrowband, no-man's-land, on demand, one-man band, one-night stand, operand, ordinand, out of hand, overhand, overland, parlor grand, pastureland, promised land, prostate gland, public land, radicand, reprimand, Rio Grande, rubber band, running hand, saraband, secondhand, Swaziland, tableland, taxi stand, timberland, try one's hand, underhand, undermanned, understand, wonderland, Zululand

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to introduce or suggest indirectly

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