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geographical name Stutt·gart \ˈshtu̇t-ˌgärt, ˈstu̇t-, ˈstət-\

Definition of Stuttgart

  1. city SW Germany ∗ of Baden-Württemberg on the Neckar pop 591,946

Rhymes with stuttgart

apart, at heart, bar chart, blackheart, bogart, Bogart, by heart, clip art, crash cart, depart, Descartes, dispart, dogcart, Earhart, eye chart, false start, fine art, flowchart, folk art, forepart, Froissart, go-cart, golf cart, greenheart, handcart, head start, impart, in part, jump-start, junk art, kick-start, mouthpart, Mozart, outsmart, oxcart, oxheart, pie chart, pop art, pushcart, rampart, real part, redstart, restart, street-smart, sweetheart, take heart, take part, tea cart, time chart, tipcart, tramp art, upstart, voice part

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to conspire or plot

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