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noun sang·froid \ˈsäⁿ-ˈf(r)wä\

Simple Definition of sangfroid

  • : the ability to stay calm in difficult or dangerous situations

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of sangfroid

  1. :  self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain

Examples of sangfroid in a sentence

  1. He displayed remarkable sangfroid when everyone else was panicking during the crisis.

  2. <the professional gambler seemed to take both his wins and his losses with remarkable sangfroid>

Did You Know?

If you're a lizard, "cold-blooded" means your body temperature is strongly influenced by your environment. If you're an English-speaking human, it means you are callous and unfeeling. If you're a French speaker, it means that you're calm, cool, and collected in stressful situations. By the mid-1700s, English speakers had already been using "cold-blooded" for more than a century, but they must have liked the more positive spin the French put on having "cold blood" because they borrowed the French sang-froid (literally, "cold blood") for someone who is imperturbable under strain. The French term, by the way, developed from the Latin words sanguis ("blood") and "frigidus" ("cold").

Origin of sangfroid

French sang-froid, literally, cold blood

First Known Use: 1750

Synonym Discussion of sangfroid

equanimity, composure, sangfroid mean evenness of mind under stress. equanimity suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain <accepted her troubles with equanimity>. composure implies the controlling of emotional or mental agitation by an effort of will or as a matter of habit <maintaining his composure even under hostile questioning>. sangfroid implies great coolness and steadiness under strain <handled the situation with professional sangfroid>.

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expressing little or no emotion

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