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geographical name Ru·wen·zo·ri \ˌrü-ən-ˈzȯr-ē\

Definition of Ruwenzori

  1. mountain group E cen Africa between Lake Albert & Lake Edward, on boundary between Uganda & Democratic Republic of the Congo — see stanley (Mount)

Rhymes with ruwenzori

a priori, allegory, amatory, auditory, bedtime story, cacciatore, castratory, category, con amore, cover story, crematory, damnatory, decretory, dilatory, dormitory, excretory, expletory, feudatory, fumitory, Göteborg, gustatory, gyratory, horror story, hortatory, hunky-dory, inventory, laudatory, lavatory, mandatory, migratory, minatory, monitory, Montessori, morning glory, nugatory, offertory, oratory, overstory, piscatory, precatory, predatory, prefatory, probatory, promissory, promontory, purgatory, repertory, signatory, statutory, sudatory, territory, transitory, understory, vibratory, vomitory, yakitori

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articulated in the throat

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