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trademark Po·lar·oid \ˈpō-lə-ˌrȯid\

Simple Definition of Polaroid

  • —used for a material that is used chiefly in eyeglasses to prevent glare and for a camera that produces developed pictures

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of Polaroid

  1. —used especially for a light-polarizing material used especially in eyeglasses and lamps to prevent glare or for a camera that produces developed pictures

Rhymes with polaroid

adenoid, alkaloid, amoeboid, aneroid, anthropoid, arachnoid, asteroid, Australoid, carcinoid, Caucasoid, celluloid, crystalloid, echinoid, ellipsoid, embryoid, eunuchoid, flavonoid, helicoid, hemorrhoid, hominoid, humanoid, hysteroid, metalloid, Mongoloid, myeloid, nautiloid, nucleoid, null and void, obovoid, opioid, osteoid, overjoyed, paranoid, planetoid, retinoid, rheumatoid, solenoid, Stalinoid, trapezoid, unalloyed, unemployed

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