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geographical name Pforz·heim \ˈ(p)fȯrts-ˌhīm\

Definition of Pforzheim

  1. city SW Germany SE of Karlsruhe pop 115,547

Rhymes with pforzheim

airtime, all-time, bedtime, begrime, big time, big-time, birdlime, buy time, call time, crunch time, cut time, daytime, downtime, dreamtime, drive time, enzyme, eye rhyme, face time, flextime, foretime, free-climb, full-time, half dime, halftime, hang time, hate crime, hill climb, in time, key lime, lifetime, longtime, lunchtime, make time, Mannheim, mark time, Maytime, mealtime, meantime, Mülheim, nighttime, noontime, old-time, onetime, on time, part-time, pastime, peacetime, playtime, post time, prime time, quicklime, quick time, ragtime, real time, rock climb, schooltime, seedtime, showtime, sight rhyme, small-time, sometime, Sondheim, space-time, springtime, sublime, teatime, two-time, uptime, Waldheim, war crime, wartime, wind chime

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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