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noun Oc·ci·tan \ˈäk-sə-ˌtan\

Definition of Occitan

  1. :  a Romance language spoken in southern France



Origin and Etymology of occitan

French, from Medieval Latin occitanus, from Old Occitan oc yes (contrasted with Old French oïl yes) + Medieval Latin -itanus (perhaps as in aquitanus of Aquitaine)

First Known Use: 1958

Rhymes with occitan

advance man, Alcoran, also-ran, Ameslan, anchorman, as one man, astrakhan, Astrakhan, ataman, Athelstan, attackman, balmacaan, Bantustan, bartizan, black-and-tan, bogeyman, boogeyman, businessman, Caliban, cameraman, caravan, cattleman, Civitan, cornerman, counterman, counterplan, countryman, courtesan, cutoff man, dairyman, defenseman, detail man, everyman, exciseman, expressman, family man, fancy-dan, fancy man, frying pan, funnyman, gamelan, garageman, garbageman, Hamadan, handyman, harmattan, hatchet man, Hindustan, hotelman, in the can, Isle of Man, jerrican, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, leading man, man-for-man, man-to-man, master plan, middleman, minivan, minuteman, Monaghan, moneyman, mountain man, muscleman, ombudsman, Omdurman, overman, Pakistan, Parmesan, partisan, pattypan, Peking man, Peter Pan, pivotman, plainclothesman, Port Sudan, Powhatan, rather than, repairman, rewrite man, safetyman, sandwich man, selectman, serviceman, signalman, spick-and-span, superman, tallyman, tamarin, to a man, triggerman, trimaran, turbofan, Turkistan, vacuum pan, weatherman, workingman, yataghan

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