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Nootka Sound

geographical name Noot·ka Sound \ˈnu̇t-kə, ˈnüt-\

Definition of Nootka Sound

  1. inlet of the Pacific Canada in SW British Columbia on W coast of Vancouver Island

Rhymes with nootka sound

aboveground, Afghan hound, all-around, battleground, been around, belowground, bottom round, breeding ground, bring around, cast around, common ground, decompound, dumping ground, end around, fool around, get around, go around, hang around, horse around, in the round, jerk around, kick around, mess around, middle ground, muscle-bound, Norton Sound, off the ground, on background, on the ground, outward-bound, paperbound, perfect-bound, proving ground, push around, quarter-bound, runaround, screw around, shootaround, sleep around, spiral-bound, staging ground, stand one's ground, steamship round, stick around, stomping ground, surround sound, turnaround, turn around, ultrasound, underground, weather-bound, work-around, wraparound

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