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geographical name New·port \ˈnü-ˌpōrt, ˈnyü-, -ˌpȯrt\

Definition of Newport

  1. 1 city & port SE Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay pop 24,672

  2. 2 town S England ∗ of Isle of Wight pop 23,570

  3. 3 administrative area of SE Wales area 73 square miles (189 square kilometers)

  4. 4 city SE Wales WNW of Bristol pop 129,900


play \-ˌpȯr-tər\ noun

Rhymes with newport

abort, airport, amort, aport, assort, athwart, backcourt, bellwort, birthwort, bistort, blood sport, Bridgeport, carport, cavort, cohort, colewort, comport, consort, contort, crosscourt, deport, disport, distort, downcourt, effort, escort, exhort, export, extort, fall short, figwort, forecourt, for short, free port, frontcourt, glasswort, Gosport, Gulfport, half-court, homeport, home port, in short, jetport, lousewort, lungwort, madwort, milkwort, mugwort, outport, passport, presort, purport, ragwort, report, re-sort, resort, retort, sandwort, seaport, sell short, Shreveport, spaceport, spearwort, spoilsport, Stockport, support, toothwort, transport

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a feeling of fear that causes hesitation

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