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noun Mc·Coy \mə-ˈkȯi\

Definition of McCoy

  1. :  something that is neither imitation nor substitute —often used in the phrase the real McCoy

Origin and Etymology of mccoy

alteration of Mackay (in the phrase the real Mackay), of unknown origin

First Known Use: 1922

Rhymes with mccoy

ahoy, alloy, annoy, bad boy, ball boy, batboy, B-boy, beachboy, bellboy, bell buoy, best boy, big boy, bok choy, borzoi, boy toy, busboy, callboy, carboy, charpoy, choirboy, convoy, cowboy, decoy, deploy, destroy, doughboy, employ, enjoy, envoy, flyboy, footboy, Hanoi, hautbois, highboy, homeboy, houseboy, killjoy, Khoikhoi, life buoy, linkboy, lowboy, newsboy, old boy, page boy, playboy, plowboy, po'boy, postboy, potboy, Quemoy, Rob Roy, Saint Croix, Savoy, schoolboy, sepoy, stock boy, tallboy, tatsoi, teapoy, Tolstoy, tomboy, travois, viceroy

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less dense or relating to a select group

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