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geographical name Mar·ble·head \ˈmär-bəl-ˌhed, ˌmär-bəl-ˈ\

Definition of Marblehead

  1. town E Massachusetts pop 19,808

Rhymes with marblehead

acidhead, aforesaid, arrowhead, barrelhead, bubblehead, bufflehead, butterhead, chowderhead, chucklehead, colorbred, copperhead, Diamond Head, dragonhead, dunderhead, featherbed, featherhead, fiddlehead, figurehead, fountainhead, get ahead, gingerbread, go-ahead, hammerhead, head-to-head, Holinshed, infrared, Java Head, knucklehead, letterhead, Lizard Head, loggerhead, lowlihead, maidenhead, metalhead, newlywed, overhead, overspread, pinniped, pointy-head, poppyhead, quadruped, riverbed, running head, saddlebred, Saint John's bread, Samoyed, scratch one's head, showerhead, sleepyhead, slugabed, soda bread, standardbred, straight-ahead, talking head, thoroughbred, thunderhead, timberhead, turn one's head, turtlehead, underbred, watershed, woodenhead

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a feeling of fear that causes hesitation

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