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geographical name Ir·tysh \ir-ˈtish, ˌər-\

Definition of Irtysh

  1. river over 2600 miles (4180 kilometers) cen Asia flowing from Altai Mountains in China NW & N through Kazakhstan & into the Ob' in W Russia in Asia

Variants of irtysh

or Chinese


play \ˈər-ˈjis—sic\

Rhymes with irtysh

batfish, billfish, blackfish, blindfish, blowfish, bluefish, bonefish, catfish, codfish, cold fish, cowfish, crawfish, crayfish, death wish, deep-dish, dogfish, filefish, finfish, flatfish, fly-fish, game fish, garfish, globefish, goatfish, goldfish, goosefish, hagfish, hogfish, jewfish, kingfish, knish, lungfish, lumpfish, milkfish, monkfish, moonfish, oarfish, panfish, pigfish, pinfish, pipefish, ratfish, redfish, rockfish, rough fish, sailfish, sawfish, shellfish, side dish, spearfish, sport fish, starfish, stonefish, sunfish, swordfish, tilefish, toadfish, trash fish, trunkfish, unwish, weakfish, whitefish

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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