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Definition of IHS

  1. —used as a Christian symbol and monogram for Jesus

Origin and Etymology of ihs

Late Latin, part transliteration of Greek ΙΗΣ, abbreviation for ΙΗΣΟΥΣ Iēsous Jesus

Rhymes with ihs

ABS, acquiesce, baroness, bitter cress, CBS, coalesce, convalesce, crown princess, DES, decompress, deliquesce, derepress, dispossess, due process, effervesce, effloresce, evanesce, full-court press, gentilesse, granny dress, in-process, inverness, Inverness, less and less, letterpress, luminesce, Lyonnesse, minidress, more or less, nonetheless, obsolesce, otherguess, overdress, pennycress, phosphoresce, politesse, prepossess, preprocess, recrudesce, repossess, reprocess, retrogress, second-guess, SOS, sweaterdress, underdress, watercress, window-dress, word process

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a block used as a base for a statue

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