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geographical name Ha·waii \hə-ˈwä-yē, -ˈwä-ˌē also -ˈvä- or -ˈwȯ-; sometimes -yə\

Simple Definition of Hawaii

  • : state of the U.S. consisting of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean

  • : largest island of the state of Hawaii

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of Hawaii

  1. 1 or Hawaiian Islands play \-yən\ or formerly Sandwich Islands play \ˈsand-ˌwich\ group of islands cen Pacific belonging to United States

  2. 2 island SE Hawaii, largest of the group; chief city Hilo area 4021 square miles (10,455 square kilometers), pop 185,079

  3. 3 state of the United States comprising Hawaiian Islands except Midway Islands; annexed 1898, a territory 1900–59 ∗ Honolulu area 6471 square miles (16,760 square kilometers), pop 1,360,301

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