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geographical name Ger·ma·ny \ˈjər-mə-nē\

Definition of Germany

  1. country cen Europe bordering on North & Baltic seas, divided 1949–90 into two republics: Federal Republic of Germany or Bundesrepublik Deutschland play \ˌbu̇n-dəs-ˌrā-pü-ˈblēk\ to the W (∗ Bonn, area ab 96,000 sq miles or 249,600 square kilometers) & German Democratic Republic or Deutsche Demokratische Republik play \ˈdȯi-chə-ˌdā-mō-ˈkrä-ti-shə-ˌrā-pü-ˈblēk\ to the E (∗ East Berlin area ab 42,000 square miles or 108,780 square kilometers); ∗ Berlin area 137,735 square miles (356,734 square kilometers), pop 82,440,300

Variants of germany

or G


play \ˈdȯich-ˌlänt\

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