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noun Frak·tur \fräk-ˈtu̇r\

Definition of Fraktur

  1. 1 :  a German style of black letter

  2. 2 often not capitalized :  a Pennsylvania German document (as a birth or wedding certificate) that is written in calligraphy and illuminated with decorative motifs (as tulips, birds, and scrolls)

Variants of fraktur



play \fräk-ˈtu̇r\

Origin and Etymology of fraktur

German, from Latin fractura fracture

First Known Use: 1904

Rhymes with fraktur

abjure, adjure, Adour, allure, amour, Ashur, assure, brochure, ceinture, cocksure, coiffure, conjure, contour, couture, demure, detour, dirt-poor, endure, ensure, faubourg, for sure, grandeur, gravure, guipure, hachure, immure, impure, insure, inure, kultur, land-poor, langur, ligure, manure, mature, mohur, obscure, parure, perdure, procure, rondure, secure, siddur, tambour, tandoor, tenure, Uighur, unmoor, velour, velure

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