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noun \ˈep-sə-ˌdik, ˈeb-\

Definition of EBCDIC

  1. :  a code for representing alphanumeric information (as on magnetic tape)

Origin and Etymology of ebcdic

extended binary coded decimal interchange code

First Known Use: circa 1966

Rhymes with ebcdic

bailiwick, biopic, Bolshevik, bone to pick, call in sick, candlestick, candlewick, cattle tick, cherry-pick, corner kick, Dominic, do the trick, double-quick, fiddlestick, fingerpick, flutter kick, hemistich, heretic, lunatic, Menshevik, meterstick, needlestick, onside kick, overtrick, point-and-click, politic, politick, polyptych, rhythm stick, scissors kick, shooting stick, singlestick, swagger stick, swizzle stick, taperstick, turn the trick, undertrick, walking stick, Watson-Crick

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