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noun Ce·pheus \ˈsē-ˌfyüs; ˈsē-fē-əs, ˈse-\

Definition of Cepheus

  1. :  a constellation between Cygnus and the north pole

Origin and Etymology of cepheus

Latin (genitive Cephei), from Greek Kēpheus

First Known Use: 1563

Rhymes with cepheus

Aarhus, abstruse, abuse, adduce, Atreus, blue spruce, burnoose, caboose, Cayuse, ceruse, charmeuse, chartreuse, Chartreuse, conduce, couscous, cut loose, deduce, diffuse, disuse, educe, effuse, excuse, fair use, footloose, hang loose, induce, Lanús, misuse, mongoose, Morpheus, negus, obtuse, Orpheus, papoose, Peleus, Perseus, prepuce, produce, profuse, Proteus, Purus, recluse, red spruce, reduce, refuse, retuse, reuse, Sanctus, seduce, slip noose, snow goose, Tereus, Theseus, traduce, transduce, turn loose, unloose, vamoose

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