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biographical name Cal·houn \kal-ˈhün\

Definition of Calhoun

  1. John Caldwell 1782–1850 Am. polit.; vice pres. of the United States (1825–32)

Rhymes with calhoun

aswoon, attune, baboon, balloon, bassoon, blue moon, buffoon, Cancún, cardoon, cartoon, cocoon, commune, doubloon, dragoon, festoon, fine-tune, forenoon, full moon, gaboon, gadroon, galloon, Gudrun, half-moon, harpoon, high noon, immune, impugn, jargoon, jejune, Kowloon, Kunlun, lagoon, lampoon, lardoon, Maine coon, maroon, monsoon, Neptune, new moon, oppugn, Pashtun, patroon, platoon, poltroon, pontoon, premune, puccoon, quadroon, ratoon, repugn, rough-hewn, saloon, Sassoon, shalloon, soupspoon, spittoon, spontoon, teaspoon, tribune, triune, tuchun, tycoon, typhoon, untune, Walloon

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a block used as a base for a statue

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