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geographical name Be·nin \bə-ˈnēn, -ˈnin; ˈbe-nin\

Simple Definition of Benin

  • : country in Africa

  • the Bight of Benin : part of the Gulf of Guinea

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of Benin

  1. 1 river ab 100 miles (161 kilometers) S Nigeria W of the Niger flowing into Bight of Benin

  2. 2 former kingdom W Africa on lower Niger River; incorporated in Nigeria after 1897

  3. 3 or formerly Dahomey play \də-ˈhō-mē\ country W Africa on Gulf of Guinea; a republic, formerly a territory of French West Africa official ∗ Porto-Novo, seat of government Cotonou area 43,483 square miles (112,621 square kilometers), pop 8,078,000

  4. 4 or Benin City city SW Nigeria in W delta of Niger River pop 202,800


play \bə-ˌni-ˈnēz, -ˌnē-, -ˈnēs; ˌbe-ni-ˈnēz, -ˈnēs\ adjective or noun

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