noun suffix

medical : inflammation of something specified

plural -itises also -itides or -ites

Full Definition of -ITIS

:  disease or inflammation <bronchitis>
plural usually -itises :  condition likened to a disease —chiefly in nonce formations <televisionitis>

Origin of -ITIS

New Latin, from Latin & Greek; Latin, from Greek, from feminine of -itēs -ite


noun suffix \ˈīt-əs also but not shown at individual entries ˈēt-\\ˈīt-(ˌ)ēz, ˈēt-\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural -i·tis·es also -it·i·des \ˈit-ə-ˌdēz\ or -i·tes

Medical Definition of -ITIS

: disease usually inflammatory of a (specified) part or organ : inflammation of <laryngitis> <appendicitis> <bronchitis>


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