South Asian evergreen tree (Cananga odorata) of the custard apple family. The name means “flower of flowers” in the Tagalog language. Tall (77 ft, or 25 m) and slim, it has smooth bark and is covered year-round with drooping, long-stalked, rich-scented flowers that have six narrow, greenish-yellow petals. The pointed oval leaves have wavy edges. Clustered, oval black fruits hang from long stalks. Leis are made from the blooms, and a delicate fragrance is distilled from the flowers. The woody ylang-ylang vine (Artabotrys odoratissimus), in the same family, is popular on trellises and patios in warm, moist climates.

Variants of YLANG-YLANG

ylang-ylang or ilang-ilang

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