Sucre (Alcalá), Antonio José de

Sucre (Alcalá), Antonio José de

biographical name

(born Feb. 3, 1795, Cumaná, New Granada—died June 4, 1830, Berruecos, Gran Colombia) Liberator of Ecuador and first president of Bolivia (1826–28). A close ally of Simón Bolívar, Sucre fought in the revolutionary struggles of Venezuela, Colombia, Gran Colombia (now Ecuador), Peru, and Upper Peru (now Bolivia), defeating royalist forces throughout the region. In 1826 he set up a Bolivian government and briefly served as president, but he soon retired to Gran Colombia. In 1829 he was called back into service to defend Gran Colombia against a Peruvian invasion. He was assassinated in 1830 at age 35. He is remembered as one of the most respected leaders of the Latin American wars for independence.

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