Simeon Stylites, Saint

Simeon Stylites, Saint

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(born c. 390, Sisan, Cilicia—died 459, Telanissus, Syria) Syrian ascetic. A shepherd, he entered a monastic community but was expelled for excessive austerity and became a hermit. His reputed miracle working drew such crowds that he took to living atop a 6-ft (2-m) pillar (Greek stylos) c. 420, becoming the first of the stylites (pillar hermits). He remained atop a second, 50-ft (15-m) pillar until his death; a railing prevented his falling, and food was brought by disciples. He inspired other ascetics and is called Simeon the Elder to distinguish him from a 6th-century stylite of the same name. Stylites were documented as late as the 19th century in Russia.


Simeon Stylites, Saint or Simeon the Elder

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