Richard II

Richard II

biographical name

(born Jan. 6, 1367, Bordeaux—died February 1400, Pontefract, Yorkshire, Eng.) King of England (1377–99). The grandson of Edward III, he inherited the throne during his boyhood, and his uncle John of Gaunt and other nobles dominated the government. The Black Death brought on economic problems, leading to the Peasants' Revolt (1381), which Richard quelled with false promises. His enemies among the nobility placed limits on his royal power (1386–89), but he later took revenge on them. He banished John of Gaunt's son, Henry, and confiscated his vast Lancastrian estates. While Richard was absent in Ireland, Henry invaded England (1399) and seized power as Henry IV. Richard was then forced to abdicate the throne. He was then imprisoned, and sometime in February 1400 he was executed; by means unknown.

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