Pompeius Magnus Pius , Sextus

Pompeius Magnus Pius , Sextus

biographical name

(born c. 67—died 35 BC, Miletus) Son of Pompey the Great and an opponent of Pompey's rivals. After his father was killed fighting Julius Caesar in 48, Pompeius fled to Spain to continue the struggle. Mark Antony gave him a naval command after Caesar's assassination (44), but he was outlawed in 43 under a law targeting those complicit in Caesar's death. He ravaged the coast of Italy, helped Antony against Octavian (later Augustus), and tried in vain to force both to make him governor of Sicily (39). Finally defeated by Octavian's forces, he fled to Asia Minor but was caught and executed.


Pompeius Magnus Pius , Sextus or Pompey the Younger

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