Collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu).—Jen and Des Bartlett/Bruce Coleman Inc.

Any of three species (family Tayassuidae) of New World even-toed ungulates resembling pigs. Found in deserts and wet tropical forests from Texas to Patagonia, peccaries are gray with white markings and have small, erect ears and almost no tail. They grow to 30–35 in. (75–90 cm) long and weigh 37–66 lb (17–30 kg). A scent gland that opens on the back and emits a strong, musky odour inspired the belief that peccaries have two navels. Peccaries have spearlike upper canines and eat plants, small animals, and carrion. They live in groups of 5–25 or 50–100, depending on the species.

Variants of PECCARY

peccary or javelin

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