Nizam al-Mulk

Nizam al-Mulk

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(born c. 1018/19, Tus, Khorasan, Iran—died Oct. 14, 1092, Nahavand) Persian vizier of the Turkish Seljuq dynasty sultans. He worked for the rulers of the Ghaznavid dynasty before serving Alp-Arslan as governor of Khorasan. In 1063 he was made vizier, a position he occupied for 30 years, serving Alp-Arslan's son Malik-Shah from the latter's ascension. Believing that a ruler's power should be absolute and that the ruler should preserve the kingdom's stability and traditions, he recorded his views in the Seyasat-nameh (“Book of Government”). He is seen as the quintessential vizier and as a staunch Sunnite Muslim. He promoted the madrasah as a centre of learning, partly to combat Shi'ite propaganda. He was murdered, likely by an Isma'ili Assassin, after falling out of favour with Malik-Shah.

Variants of NIZAM AL-MULK

Nizam al-Mulk orig. Abu 'Ali Hasan ibn 'Ali

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