Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti, count de

Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti, count de

biographical name

(born March 9, 1749, Bignon, near Nemours, France—died April 2, 1791, Paris) French politician and orator. Son of the economist Victor Riqueti (1715–89), he suffered his father's disfavour; often imprisoned for intrigues and wild behaviour (1774–80), he wrote several essays on prison life. In 1789 he was elected to the Estates General from the Third Estate. A skilled orator, he was popular with the people and was influential in the early years of the French Revolution. He advocated a constitutional monarchy and tried to mediate between the absolute monarchists and the revolutionaries. He was elected president of the National Assembly in 1791, but he died shortly thereafter.


Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti, count de orig. Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti

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