Hull, Isaac

Hull, Isaac

biographical name

(born March 9, 1773, Derby, Conn.—died Feb. 13, 1843, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.) U.S. naval officer. A nephew of William Hull, he was master of a ship by age 19. He was commissioned a lieutenant aboard the USS Constitution in 1798, becoming its commander in 1810. He distinguished himself in the undeclared naval war with France at that time and in the Tripolitan War (1801–1805). Early in the War of 1812 he engaged the British frigate Guerrière and, after a fierce battle, rendered it a wreck. He was recognized as one of the navy's ablest commanders, and his ship became known as “Old Ironsides.” He commanded the U.S. squadrons in the Pacific (1824–27) and in the Mediterranean (1839–41).

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