Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley

Large valley, western Central Asia. It is mainly in eastern Uzbekistan and partly in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and is situated between the Tien Shan system and the smaller Gissar and Alay ranges. It has an area of 8,500 sq mi (22,000 sq km). One of the most densely populated areas of Central Asia, it is a major producer of cotton, fruit, and raw silk. Among the mineral deposits exploited are coal, petroleum, and mercury. It was conquered by the Arabs (8th century AD), Genghis Khan (13th century), and Timur (14th century). The khans of Kokand (see Qo'qon) ruled it from the late 18th century until it was absorbed by the Russian Empire in 1876.


Fergana Valley or Fergana Basin

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