Fadlallah, (Ayatollah Sayyid) Muhammad Husayn

Fadlallah, (Ayatollah Sayyid) Muhammad Husayn

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(born 1935, Al-Najaf, Iraq—died July 4, 2010, Beirut, Leb.) Prominent Shi'ite cleric. He was schooled at a traditional madrasa in his birthplace, where he studied under many of the eminent Shi'ite scholars of his day. His scholarly acumen eventually earned him the honorific title of ayatollah. He moved to Lebanon (where his parents were born) in 1966 and quickly established a reputation as a leading religious authority. Although some believed that he was the leader of the Shi'ite militia and political party Hezbollah after its founding in 1982, both he and the party denied any direct link. Though impressed by the Islamic revolution in Iran (1978–79), he generally stood aloof from the more radical position of its leader, Ruhollah Khomeini.

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