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City (pop., 2003 est.: 2,181,600) and deepwater port on the Liaodong Peninsula, Liaoning province, China. Leased to Russia in 1898, it was made a free port and terminus of the Chinese Eastern Railway (1899). The Japanese occupied it (1904) during the Russo-Japanese War, and the lease was transferred to Japan by treaty in 1905. Soviet troops captured the city in 1945, but by a Chinese-Soviet treaty it remained under Chinese sovereignty with preferential rights to the port for the U.S.S.R.; Soviet troops withdrew in 1955. It annexed neighbouring Lüshun in 1950. Industries include fishing, shipbuilding, oil refining, and the manufacture of locomotives, machine tools, textiles, and chemicals.

Variants of DALIAN

Dalian or Ta-lien formerly (1950–81) Lüda or Lü-ta Japanese and conventional Dairen

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